Empowering the women of our society is the greatest need of the hour. Women need to be provided the tools and resources to become self sufficient and independent in order for them to be able to support the family. IREC has established trainings to provide the necessary skills to women that will help them earn a decent living.

Tailoring classes of IREC are geared towards teaching the basic and advanced skills of designing, cutting and sewing with emphasis on current and modern designs. Training is conducted by experienced instructors in a classroom setting. Women are provided practical training also with hands on experience.

Classroom training along with all the required materials are provided by the institute free of cost, thereby alleviating any financial burden on the trainees. Upon completion of tailoring course, the trainees are given the option of learning the fine art of embroidery. Use of computerized designing for creating embroideries and use of embroidery machines
is taught in these classes. The aim is to create master craftsmen that can establish themselves in the growing field of garment designing and finishing.

All women who graduate from these programs are provided placement support. Contacts are established with wholesale garment manufacturers to provide job opportunities to these trainees. Free sewing machines are distributed to women who prefer to be self employed and work on their own schedules.