Sahara Medical Center – Phase 3 & 4

IREC was established in 2013 as a charitable organization to support the destitute and deserving sections in our society facing financial difficulties. 

Among a multitude of projects managed by IREC, Medical support is one of the core projects. In the past 10 years we have supported hundreds of poor families with their medical necessities.

Demand for medical support in rural areas has been growing rapidly due to lack of hospitals and doctors in these areas. To fill this void, IREC has undertaken a project to build a multi-specialty hospital called SAHARA MEDICAL CENTER in Dharur village of Telangana State.

Planned at a total cost of 312,000 dollars, this facility will serve deserving sections of society. Providing medical care in a community of 500,000 people with no facility within a 20-kilometer radius is the goal of this project. Most of this population is at or below poverty level.

Construction has been going on and we have successfully completed three phases of this project with two more phases left to turn this into a fully functional facility. We are in an urgent need of funds to finish the last two phases. Total funds required to complete the remaining activities is approximately $180,000. We need your support to help us achieve the goal of providing quality medical care to the most deserving sections of our community.

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IREC’s goal is to ensure that all the contributions from its donors are utilized in an efficient way and the entire amount of your donations is utilized for this project. 

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