Request for Education Support for academic year 2023-24

IREC has been providing education support to the deserving students to help them succeed in their career. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, schools and colleges were working remotely. However, starting Feb 2022 all educational institutions are back in session.

The high point of this program is that it takes talented students from financially challenged background and helps them not only to achieve their dream of completing their higher education but become Independent. Students going back to schools and colleges are not able to pay the annual fees. This is a prerequisite for students to attend the classes and appear for their term exams. For college students this is a life changing situation where they will be able to graduate and start looking for livelihood.

Currently there are numerous requests from college students and we are trying to support as many of them as possible. These students are majoring in Engineering, Pharmacy, MBA, Medicine and also appearing for civil service exams. Supporting them at this critical time will help them build their future.

Education support is core to our values at IREC. During these times when more and more families are finding it hard to meet this expense, we are reaching out to request you to please support this important cause.

A majority of students are Zakat eligible. You can send your Zakat towards this great cause and help build their future.

Please donate generously for the IREC Education Support Program.

Donations can be made

Indian Rural Education and Charities (IREC)

PO Box: 59759

Chicago, IL 60659