Ramadan Support program of IREC is designed to help financially deprived families and rural communities spend this blessed month in Ibaadah. Widows and destitute people are provided with food packages to help them with Suhoor and Iftar throughout the month. Food packages contain basic staples such as rice, flour, oil etc. for the entire family. IREC does due diligence and performs a thorough verification to make sure the packages are received by the most deserving families.

IREC makes arrangements for daily iftar in rural Masjids. This encourages brothers to come to the Masjid for daily Maghrib Salah while you are rewarded for their iftar and salah at the same time. Your contribution helps the rural Muslim brothers and the travelers to break the fast. IREC carefully selects rural areas and Masjids to reach the most deserving localities.

Our brothers in the rural areas have a Masjid but no Imam, so they are not able to offer 5 daily prayers in the Masjid thereby being deprived of the reward of that we benefit from. IREC utilizes your contributions to arrange and pay for an Imam for the entire month of Ramadan so our rural brothers can pray 5 daily prayers and tarawih with congregation and earn the bounty of Allah.

On the EID celebration, IREC also distributes new clothes and gifts among the orphan and destitute kids so that they may enjoy the happy day of Eid.

Your contributions of Zakath, Fidiya, Fitra and Sadaqa to support these programs will reach the most deserving people in the most sacred month.