Ramadan Program 2021

Please donate generously to the following programs so we can continue to help and support deserving members of our community.


IREC provides food packets to widows and destitute families to help them meet the basic necessities of fasting.

Each package for the month costs $ 40.

Sponsor an Imam in rural masjid during Ramadan so that people can pray 5 daily prayers and Taraweeh with congregation.

Imaam for the whole month is $ 100.


IREC makes daily iftaar arrangements in select rural Masajid to encourage brothers to visit the Masjid daily for iftaar and salaah.

Daily iftaar for 50 people is $ 25.

Provide the orphan kids a sense of happiness, dignity and family like celebration with new clothes and gifts.

Each gift pack with new clothes is $20.

For your generous support, Inshaa Allah, you will be rewarded equally for their Salah and Fasting throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

Education Support is the prime focus of IREC throughout the year. As we grow with your kind participation, the number of beneficiaries keeps growing. Currently IREC has received over 1000 applications for education support and we look forward to fulfill all these requests with your support. Average annual fees per student is $ 400. With your generous participation, we can make a difference in the lives of these deserving students.

IREC has already supported more than 6000 students since 2012, provided sponsorship to local schools and successfully conducted after school programs.We request you to please donate generously towards this program.

Please sign up to sponsor at least one student during the month of Ramadan. For just $1 per day you can sponsor the cost of educating one student for a full year. You will be supporting the dream of a student and bring a positive change in their lives.

This program needs your continuous attention to provide good education and career growth to the most deserving members of our community.Set up monthly recurring donation for education support at www.ireconline.org

May Allah (SWT) keep all of us in His protection and accept all our efforts to please Him. Aameen.

In order to maintain absolute transparency and facilitate accountability of the organization’s activities, IREC accepts payments in the form of checks, direct deposit and electronic transactions only.

Please make your online donations at:   www.ireconline.org

Send checks payable to: Indian Rural Education and Charities (IREC)

P.O. Box # 59759 Chicago IL, 60659