Ramadan Program 2020

As Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu. 

As the blessed month of Ramadan is approaching, we are getting ready to launch the 8th year of  IREC Ramadan Programs.

 IREC programs are designed to help financially deprived families and rural communities spend this blessed month in Ibaadah, Inshaa Allah. The number of families we help, the masajid we sponsor for Taraweeh and Iftaar has been increasing every year and we expect the same this year.

All these programs have been possible because of sincere Duas and generous contributions from brothers and sisters like you. In Shaa Allah this year we would like to reach out to a lot more families, masajid and communities. Please donate generously to this program so we can continue to put a smile on the faces of these deserving families. May Allah bless all those who contribute towards this noble cause.