Ramadan Support 2023

As Salaam Alaikum, IREC is celebrating 10 years of dedicated community support with your kind and generous contributions. Ramadan, the season of blessings and rewards is approaching us. We are reaching out for your support towards IREC Ramadan 2023 Programs. Please donate generously to the following programs so we can continue to help and support deserving members of our community.



For your generous support, Inshaa Allah, you will be rewarded equally for their Salah and Fasting throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

IREC was established to channel your valuable donations to the most deserving sections of the community by providing a wide range of support programs including but not limited to education support, widow and orphan support, marriage support, medical support, food package distribution, destitute family support etc. We work diligently with volunteers to keep the overhead costs to near zero so that all your donations are received by the beneficiaries.

Your generous participation has helped us make a difference in the lives of numerous people.

To get more details regarding each program and to donate specifically for a given program, please visit the desired program pages below:

The above programs need your kind attention to provide continued support to the most deserving members of our community.

May Allah (SWT) keep all of us in His protection and accept all our efforts to please Him. Aameen.

In order to maintain absolute transparency and facilitate accountability of the organization’s activities, IREC accepts payments in the form of checks, direct deposit and electronic transactions only.

Please make your online                        donations at:   

www.ireconline.com   OR

Zelle/Quickpay via


Send checks payable to:

Indian Rural Education and

Charities (IREC)

P.O. Box # 59759    

Chicago IL, 60659