Old Age Home

Homeless old people with no family or means of support are referred to shelters by hospitals or NGOs. The shelters cater to the basic living needs of these seniors. With more and more people becoming residents of these shelters, the need for support is continuously increasing. Taking care of these destitute homeless seniors in the twilight years of their life is a very noble act.

In order to continue helping these people, the shelters depend on support from other organizations like IREC to supply food and other necessary items for their residents. 

With their valuable experience the volunteers of IREC tour and identify facilities that are in need of support and also verify that the residents are truly deserving destitute individuals. IREC supports the shelters by supplying beds, food and medicines.

IREC requests you to participate in this kind act and donate generously towards this support.

Your donations are help support this immediate need for hundreds of people living in the orphanages and old age homes.

Your generous contributions can be made online at www.ireconline.com

You can also send your donations via Zelle or QuickPay to: irecneedhelp@gmail.com

Please mail your checks to:

Indian Rural Education and Charities (IREC)

PO Box: 59759

Chicago, IL 60659