Hyderabad Flood Food Support

Hyderabad, the oldest and the most prestigious city, is currently in a very tough situation with heavy floods ravaging majority of the areas in and around the city. The devastation caused by the floods is so intense that it has affected the normal lives of all sections of people. Houses and streets are completely flooded. All the daily activities have come to a standstill. Many homes have been destroyed and countless people are left with no shelter. People do not have the basic facilities to cook their own meals. 

The destruction is so immense that it cannot be expressed in a few words. These hard times call for us to reach out and help the people in distress. People need clean water and cooked food. 

IREC is planning to set up food distribution stations in Hyderabad. Food will be cooked and packaged to be distributed to the affected families. We also plan to provide dry uncooked food packages to the flood victims as per their needs. 

We request you to please contribute generously to this great cause. The need is immediate so please participate at whatever level of contribution you can. In these sudden and unexpected calamities, your help is absolutely needed and very much appreciated.

Your generous contributions can be made online at www.ireconline.com

You can also send your donations via Zelle or QuickPay to: irecneedhelp@gmail.com

Please mail your checks to:

Indian Rural Education and Charities (IREC)
PO Box: 59759
Chicago, IL 60659