COVID19 is causing a global impact with devastating effects on humanity. Everybody is reeling from the painful impact of this disease. The health and life impacts are being felt by the rich and poor alike but the financial burden is taking a heavier toll on the poor communities. The rural areas are specially impacted more severely due to lack of medical facilities. IREC has undertaken a project to set up medical camps in rural areas to support poor people who are affected by COVID19.

IREC Volunteers are doing a door to door visit to provide awareness of COVID19 and education for prevention of this disease. The villagers are also given COVID kits consisting of thermometers, masks and gloves. People showing signs of illness are transferred to medical camps.

The medical camps have resident doctors who treat and monitor the patients for four days. Necessary medications are provided free of cost. If the symptoms do not improve, the patients are sent to a hospital. IREC provides ambulance service for patient transfers.

The average cost for each patient is approximately $45 that includes COVID kits, doctor’s consultation and medicines. Hospital transfer requires an additional $100 towards ambulance and related expenses.

Your donations are requested to help support this immediate need for thousands of people living in the rural areas.

Please donate generously towards this cause. The scope is huge and the need is immediate.

Every penny of your donations will be used towards direct support to the poor rural communities.

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Indian Rural Education and Charities (IREC)
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