COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Programs

Currently with the COVID-19 Pandemic making the lives of humans vulnerable and disastrous all around the world, the pain and the sufferings of old age people have been doubled during these hard times. Their feelings have suffered a double strike and thus their energies have been lowered to a new low with no emotional help, resources and strength as before. IREC volunteers visited such orphan old age homes and geriatric centers to distribute ration kits, safety kits, fruits and juices to the old and vulnerable during these hard times of Pandemic.

IREC is glad that it is one of the first organizations to visit and help orphanages and it's each individual personally during these tough times and it is the first to help the old and orphan people who were found COVID positive and were in quarantine with full safety and security following all the precautionary measures.

The old age homes keeper and age-old orphans were very happy to receive us and by the end of visit, IREC was able to energize their feelings, better their emotions, and bring happiness on their beautiful faces.

Your donations are requested to help support this immediate need for hundreds of people living in the orphanages and old age homes.

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Indian Rural Education and Charities (IREC)
PO Box: 59759
Chicago, IL 60659