Mentally Retarded Children Support

Mental Retardation (MR) is a condition of below normal mental process due to arrested or incomplete development at birth. Children born with MR need a lot of support as the regular school system does not accommodate them. Support is required in form of training them for basic life activities even when they are at an age that is normally considered to be independent. The angels born with MR require a setting that caters specifically to their needs. A setting that has educators and support staff trained to help these children with basic needs like using the restroom, changing clothes, taking a shower etc.

IREC has collaborated with an institution that provides these services to children with MR. They have been doing a phenomenal work in this area. The children are housed in the institute under the supervision of highly trained staff and teachers. The costs of running this service is increasing and the organization is struggling to upkeep these services.

IREC will support this organization with contributions from your donations that are specially earmarked for this purpose. All donations for MR support will be utilized for this purpose only.

Currently there are very few institutions providing this invaluable service to the most vulnerable kids. We would like your help to support this institution to continue these services.

This program needs your attention to help and support the disabled little angels of our community.

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