In this age of mounting medical costs, destitute people are faced with severe hardships when the need for medical services arises. IREC touches urban and rural areas in order to assist with procuring basic medical services such as diagnostics, emergency care, hospitalization, medications, provisions for the handicapped etc. IREC also helps in providing long term care for patients needing dialysis or hospital care. On numerous occasions, IREC has also provided life-saving services such as cancer treatment and
open-heart surgeries.

Special services such as routine medical checkup and free medical camps in rural areas are examples of medical support that IREC has furnished for needy, underserved citizens. We support the handicapped individuals with tools and resources that are essential to both improving their quality of life and helping them perform their daily activities without the need for constant dependence on others.

We work directly with hospitals and pharmacies to pay medical bills and provide medications to patients. We have secured agreements with hospitals to bring down medical costs that enables us to reach out and help a larger number of people.

Medical services will be required and furnished on an ongoing basis. Your generous donations towards this cause will help save a life or improve the quality of life for the individuals who are unable to afford these costs.