At present, developing India has millions of children who are not enrolled in school. Many thousands more may never have an opportunity to attend. In all cases, education is vital, to break the cycle of poverty and creating opportunities for children and their families.

IREC has developed programs for adults and children that include building and outfitting schools, conducting literacy classes and training educators. The education program seeks to empower communities to become independent and develop resources to support current and future generations. 

At present, millions of children throughout India are not in school and may never have an opportunity to attend. Without this education, they will not have access to employment or other opportunities, perpetuating the vicious poverty cycle.

Those children whose parents are not present are often those in greatest need. IREC projects are available to adults and children, including basic literacy, teacher training and the knowledge needed to build and equip schools. We have also developed educational and vocational training programs specifically for women.