Higher education support program is the pinnacle of IREC support programs. This program is aimed at providing freedom from the cycle of poverty to hardworking students from financially challenged family backgrounds. These well deserving students always struggle to achieve the ultimate goal of acquiring professional and non- professional college degrees. This level of education opens new horizons and gives them
a platform to venture into the job market.

The primary beneficiaries of this program are high performing students from our feeder programs like primary and secondary education support. Also considered are students referred by the colleges for academic excellence and students who directly apply to this program and meet our eligibility criteria.

Thorough scrutiny of grades and continuous monitoring of performance guarantees checks and balances for the beneficiaries. Merit basis of scholarship also encourages students to work hard and succeed in college.

Fees are always paid directly to the institutions to ensure the best utilization of funds. Currently IREC has students enrolled in Degree programs like Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacy and other major technical subjects.

Your support for this program will open the doors of success to these well deserved students who are enthusiastic to go out and make a difference in the world.