Orphans, Widows and destitute people are at the core of all programs run by IREC. These also include disabled people who are unable to earn their own livelihood. Financial support program provides the most basic necessities of life to the people who are not able to make the ends meet.

Support is provided in the form of monthly pensions to older widows and orphans. These funds are meant to provide them with monthly rations of food, pay for their rent and provide them with clothing. The situation of beneficiaries is continuously monitored to ensure proper support is being provided and only the most deserving people are in the program.

Orphan and destitute girls are often challenged with the desire to marry without the resources to solemnize a marriage. Living conditions rarely provide opportunities to finance these marriages, particularly when earnings or subsistence provide only enough for basic necessities. IREC is able to assist with basic expenses required for these marriages. Money is spent on necessities of the wedding like clothing, utensils, furniture and food only.

Besides education and medical support, financial support is a major program. Through this program we are able to support a large number of financially challenged aging population and orphan children on an ongoing basis. Your support for this program will directly impact the daily lives of these individuals. Please donate generously to support IREC in sustaining all the valuable programs.