Poor communities in urban and rural India most live in makeshift homes, thatched roof huts or other type of non-permanent housing. In the event of a natural disaster these are the people that are greatly impacted. The loose their housing and belongings. Unfortunately, these are the times when medical emergencies are on the highest.

On numerous such occasions, IREC has identified urgent needs brought on by natural disasters. In these cases, IREC has furnished the food, shelter, medical services and supplies and organizational skills that have made the difference to countless Indian citizens. If needed, we have also furnished the financial support that has been critically important to resuming a normal lifestyle.

IREC volunteers work directly on ground zero with the impacted citizens. This ensures that all the funds are spent efficiently and reach the beneficiaries without overhead costs. They also reach out and provide support to displaced people in camps. IREC arranges food and medical support for area effected by drought.

When natural disasters happen, we need to be prepared to support our fellow community members. Your donations to IREC will help us be ready in any unforeseen event of a natural calamity.