Submit Education Assistance Request Document to below email address and wait for the response. 

If your application is approved our office will contact you by the given email address in 5 to 7 days to process your request.


Need all the below information: 


In Subject Enter : Student Name         


Father Name or Mother Name :

Mobile Number :                                   

Address :               

Current Income:               

Income Source Job or Business:           

How many Children and family persons leaving in house :              

Number of children going to school:                 

Number of children requesting financial aid :

Have you received the financial aid before from IREC: Yes or no

If yes we get details about last time help you received from IREC for how many year we are helping the students           

Student Information

First name :            

Last Name :           

Aadhaar card number :               

Grade Class :                   

School/college Name :                

School/college bank account information :                 

Student’s enrolment Number or new request :            

Last Year Result ( Must be 80 % and above ) to eligible                 

Total Fees For this Year requesting :               

Other Financial Aid receiving this year from IREC :               

Receive any financial aid from IREC last year : yes or no                


Send all the requested documents attached to the email upload

1. Student Aadhar card  :

2. Bonafide present year :

3. Ration Card / Food Security card:

4. Fees structure  :

5. Last year Report/ Grade  card :

6. Student request letter for the fees

7. On school or college letterhead write the name of the fees payable name to make check

8. Parents Aadhar card :

9. If student orphan send father death certificate to special consideration.


 Send all the requested information to