Basic computer skills have become a necessity not only for higher educational purposes but also for seeking any job in the industry. There is a huge gap in these skills among the students who come from poorer families. This is attributed to the lack of resources and affordability. IREC recognizes this as an essential tool for success and survival of our future generation.

IREC-Education-Program-Computer-Courses-Oct 2023
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We have a Computer Training Center that is set up to develop and enhance the software and hardware skills. Students are taught the basic techniques of using MS Word, Excel and Power point. At a mid-level classes are conducted for various software languages. At a higher level we will be training students in SAP and other programs.

Students that are struggling to get into higher education programs or colleges often stop their studies. At the same time they lack the skills to help them in job search. These students are given training in PC hardware like A+ where the students are taught basic computer repair skills.

These training courses are imparted with a focus on helping them seek opportunities in the growing job market. The training and skills that are acquired by the students from this program will definitely help them become competitive in their field and gives them an edge in the industry.