After school education support program is geared towards students who need additional help with challenging subjects. The primary goal of this program is to help the students who are struggling at school. The focus is to help students achieve success in 10 th and 12 th grade board examinations.

IREC has established multiple coaching centers across different localities. Boys and girls from different schools benefit from these coaching centers. Subjects like English, Math and life sciences are taught at these centers. We have hired qualified teachers who are experts in their respective subjects to help the students overcome their difficulty in different subjects. Each center runs for four hours in the evenings, Monday through Friday. The students are given practice exams prior to board examinations.

This program is completely free of cost to all the students who are motivated to improve their skills and excel in the examinations.

In addition to this IREC supports schools by hiring and paying salaries to teachers. In return the schools provide free education to an agreed number of students. The dual benefit of this program is that we are able to provide employment to skilled teachers while getting free education for the students.