Education is the most critical tool needed to break the vicious cycle of poverty. Better education creates opportunities for a brighter future. Education changes the outlook of humans to give them a broader perspective of life. Educated individuals are an asset to the society, community and the world at large.

Secondary education support program aims at building strong foundations and provide a platform to the individuals to break free from poverty and realize their dreams of a self-sufficient and dignified life. The program is targeted towards orphans and families who are unable to support the basic education of their children. But the ultimate goal of this program is to create youth that can dream big and change their dreams to reality.

Children from financially challenged families are not able to afford the cost of education. They often take up odd jobs to support the families and are ultimately deprived of basic education. These children are encouraged to attend school without having to worry about their fees. IREC pays the annual fees for these students while maintaining a requirement to excel in their class. At the same time financial support is provided to the families to compensate for the odd jobs that were providing the families livelihood. Support is given to students from Kindergarten to 12 th grade. We also provide books and school dress in situations where the family is unable to afford them.

In addition, girls that do not attend schools due to family restrictions or any other situations are being helped to get their secondary education. Special centers are set up for women and girls only that focus on the board subjects of seventh and tenth grade.

Considering the current socio-economic conditions and the rising cost of education, it has become imperative that we put our best resources towards this cause.