Indian Rural Education & Charities​

IREC was established with the primary goal of providing educational and charitable support to the financially challenged sections of our society. We have been focused on this goal by providing education, food, shelter and welfare to the poor, orphans and underprivileged children in India.

Helping advance the lives of underprivileged by providing opportunities through Education. Serving the poor by supporting widows, orphans and destitute.

  • All children deserve proper education. Education has the power to transform lives by breaking the cycle of poverty and enabling access to greater success. The socio-economic status of individuals is a direct result of their educational status. IREC works diligently to advance the cause of education among the poor and illiterate, to bring a change in the lives of their generations.
  • This new generation of students will create an educated second generation, free from constraints of poverty and illiteracy. As the population grows, it becomes stronger through knowledge, independence and leadership.
  • We work round the year to assess the needs of poor and minorities in poverty struck areas of India and develop projects based on their needs. We have a dedicated team of visionary leaders and organizations on site in India working tirelessly towards improving social and economic conditions so minorities & poor in India can have the opportunity to reach their full potential, contribute to society, and live and work in dignity.
  • Supporting the needy, elderly, widows and orphans who are otherwise unable to do it themselves, IREC creates a society that is sharing, caring and compassionate.


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